(1)    Octagon (Blue), 2018

22″h x 25″w x 3″d

(2 A)   Freedom, 2004

33”h x 20″w x 10″d

(2 B)   Detail looking down into the pyramid

(3)  Swinging Vines, 2003

24″h x 13″w x 7″d

(4 A)   Landing Gear, 2002

20”h x 20”w x 15”d

(4 B)   Detail looking inside the box

(4 C)   Looking straight into the box, mandala-style

(5) Elbowing, 2002

19″ h x 10″w x 9″d

(6) Portal Harmony, 2001

18″h x 9″w x 8″d

(7)  Down The Road, 2000

60″h x 19″w x 19″d

(8 A)  Ascending Heartbeat, 2000

30″ h x 20″w x 10″d

(8 B)   Big design shifts with a different view

(9A)   Ascending Within, 1999

30″h x 20″w x 10″d

(9 B)   Backside view

(10 A)   World Inside a World, 1998

15″ cube

(10 B) Detail, wide-angle camera lens, strong colour shift

(11)   Vortex, 1997

18″h x 18″w x 14″d

(12)   Ascension, 1997

32″h x 21″w x 11″d

(13)  Peace in a Hidden Galaxy, 1996

22″h x 13″w x 7″d

(14 A)  Peaceful Heart, 1995

22″h x 13″w x 7″d

(14 B)   off center, small design shifting

(15 A)  Good Intentions, 1993

17″h x 13″w x 7″d

(16 A) Which Way?, 1992

30″h x 9″w x 9″d

(16 B)   Front-side view, color shift

(16 C)   Backside view

(17 A)  Circle Stripe, 1987

24″h x 9″w x 8″d

(17 B)    Left side view

(18 A)  Orderly Universe, 1987

70″h x 23″w x 23″d

(18 B)     6 sides, 3 windows on the top,

(18 C)   Inside detail reveals an Orderly Universe

(19 A)   Industrial Octagon, 1979

23″H x 21″W x 21″D

(19 B)   Center view, big colour/design shift